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Zur Ermittlung der Waschbeständigkeit / des Farberhaltes werden die Haartressen mehrmals mit Produkten oder einem Neutralshampoo behandelt und anschließend spektrophotometrisch untersucht

UV and Washing Resistance

Tested by Hair Experts – The bottom part of hair tresses is permed. Afterwards the entire tress is colored in a standardized manner and the initial color value determined spectrophotometrically…

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UV- und Hitzebeständigkeit von Haar

UV and Heat Protection

One Signal Tells It All – Products that contain UV filters reduce the amount of light able to penetrate into the hair. For this test, hair tresses are irradiated with UV light with and without product treatment …

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Die Volumenmessung dient der Ermittlung des Haarvolumens nach Auftragen eines Haarstyling-Produktes oder nach der Behandlung mit Haarpflegemitteln.


Volume, Smoothness, Anti-Frizz – Digital Measurement for Accurate Information – Digital volume measurement is used to determine hair volume following the application of hairstyling or hair care products…

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Top gestylt bei jedem Wetter


Perfectly Styled for Any Weather – The curl retention test is used to determine the weather resistance of hairstyling products. To do this hair tresses are treated under standard conditions with the products…

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Analyse vor und nach der Behandlung von verschiedenen Haarpflege - Produkten...

Tensile Strength

Analysis Before and After Application – Hairs of known diameter are either stretched only in the elastic range or until they break. Using this technique it is possible to analyze the tensile strength parameters…

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Haarglanz nach Produktanwendung

Shine and Luster

Der Glanz zeigt sich in der “Dunkelheit” – Assessment of the shine/luster of the hair following application of a product is carried out on treated hair tresses by trained experts. To do this the tresses treated with the corresponding product …

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ür die Testung der Geschmeidigkeit von Haaren wird die Kraft gemessen, die vor und nach einer Produkt-Behandlung benötigt wird.


Smoothness and Softness in Focus – In this test the hair’s softness and smoothness is assessed. To test hair’s suppleness, the force needed to pull dry tresses around polished metal rods …

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Messung Kämmkraft


Testing on Wet or Dry Hair Using Tensile Test – To test the combability of hair, the force is measured standardized that is needed before and after product application. To do this hair tresses are combed …

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Anwendung von Haarspray

In-use studies

Cosmetic acceptance in in-use studies – Assessment of cosmetic acceptance under normal conditions of use is one of the most important testing methods besides biophysical measurements…

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Produkte im direkten Vergleich


Direct Comparison of Product Properties – Comparative assessment of two hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, gel, mousse, etc.) is performed routinely in the half-head test, a test that…

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