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Not only do you receive statistical data – our court-proof expert opinions reliably prove the claims of your product.


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Absolute confidentiality has been the foundation of our cooperation with our clients for more than five decades.

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Only at Schrader will you find interdisciplinary know-how in research, development, testing and analytics for the decisive difference in competition.

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Institute Dr. Schrader

Testing Skin

From the standard trial design to the individually adapted study design of a combination study, from small screening studies in the first efficacy analysis to the large studies with corresponding statistical support of the data analysis in bio-statistics.

Testing Hair

In the hair workspace, application studies of all kinds are carried out combined with dermatological and ophthalmological control.

Institute Dr. Schrader

Product Consulting

Independent galenic application technology for the cosmetics industry has been our task for 50 years. Within the scope of galenics, we develop new, individually tailored formulations for any kind of cosmetics for skin care and hair care – especially also sun protection products as well as natural cosmetics.


The analytical work area stands for chemical-analytical investigations of cosmetics. The focus of the department’s work is on the quality assurance of cosmetic products.

Institute Dr. Schrader


The field of research is the basis of many innovations and novelties, by which the Institut Dr. Schrader distinguishes and recommends itself again and again.


In order to meet the ever-increasing demands of the Asian market, Institute Dr. Schrader International GmbH was founded in 2004.


Quality through experience

Institute Dr. Schrader – nucleus of globally applied procedures.

New methods that are the basis for determining the effectiveness of and tolerance to cosmetic products.

Five decades of developing ideas and principle concepts for measuring skin- and hair-physiological parameters, which have been adopted worldwide and matured into today´s standard test methods.

Our best-known developments:

Practical knowledge

Kosmetika werden in der Regel täglich und über lange Zeiträume angewendet. Daher ist eine gute Hautverträglichkeit besonders wichtig


Epicutaneous Test, Photopatch Test / Flex Wash Test – Cosmetics are normally used daily and over long periods. That is why good skin compatibility is particularly important – especially if they are used…

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Beurteilungen der Prüfungen durch beispielsweise Dermatologen

Expert Rating

Supplementing the tests with expert statements – Evaluation of the skin, severity of wrinkles, or of skin color by experts such as dermatologists, ophthalmologists or specially trained technical personnel is a common procedure in …

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Analyse vor und nach der Behandlung von verschiedenen Haarpflege - Produkten...

Tensile Strength

Analysis Before and After Application – Hairs of known diameter are either stretched only in the elastic range or until they break. Using this technique it is possible to analyze the tensile strength parameters…

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ür die Testung der Geschmeidigkeit von Haaren wird die Kraft gemessen, die vor und nach einer Produkt-Behandlung benötigt wird.


Smoothness and Softness in Focus – In this test the hair’s softness and smoothness is assessed. To test hair’s suppleness, the force needed to pull dry tresses around polished metal rods …

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HDRS (Hybrid Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy)

A new in-vivo method for sun protection testing finally on the threshold of ISO introduction

Right from the beginning of the first ideas, Institut Dr. Schrader Hautphysiologie is part of the ALT-SPF Consortium for developing alternative methods regarding SPF determination, including the Hybrid Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (HDRS) method which is currently an ISO draft standard.

Digital Measurement
Volume, Smoothness, Anti-Frizz

Digital volume measurement is used to determine hair volume following the application of hairstyling or hair care products. For this test, hair strands are treated differently depending on the type of product.

A light source is used to cast a shadow of the hair strands, which is measured digitally before and after treatment (possibly several treatments). The exact volume of the hair strand is determined by rotating the strand and further image analysis.

ICL-S (Proof of Antioxidant Efficacy)

Modern cosmetics with efficacy claims like “Anti-Ageing” or “Oxidative Protection” are among others complex mixtures of UV filters and antioxidants.

Proof of efficacy must be obtained with sound scientific methods for such claims. Sunlight (UV radiation) is the main cause of premature skin aging (photo-ageing), primarily due to generation of free radicals and the oxidative stress associated with them. The biggest challenge in claim support is non-invasive yet sensitive measurement of oxidative stress on subjects.

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