How to Find Us

How to Find Us - The way to us

How to find Institute Dr. Schrader in Holzminden:

By car:
From the west:      motorway A 2 (e.g. exit Rheda-Wiedenbrück, B 64 to Holzminden)
or motorway A 44 (exit Warburg, via Beverungen to Holzminden)
From the north:     motorway A 7 (exit Seesen via Eschershausen to Holzminden)
From the south:     motorway A7 (exit Northeim Nord, via B 3 and B 64 to Holzminden)

By train:
ICE to Hanover (80 km to Holzminden) and Göttingen (70 km to Holzminden), continue by local train to the station in Holzminden.

Hanover (100 km to Holzminden)
Paderborn-Lippstadt (80 km to Holzminden)
Kassel-Calden (70 km to Holzminden)
Continuation of the journey by train or rent car to Holzminden.

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Institute Dr. Schrader
Max-Planck-Str. 6
37603 Holzminden



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