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Smoothness and Softness in Focus

In this test the hair’s softness and smoothness is assessed. To test hair’s suppleness, the force needed to pull dry tresses around polished metal rods in a defined arrangement is measured before and after application of the product. The results of this objective test correlate very well with the results of the sensory assessed data of the feel of hair strands.

This method allows the validation of combability of human hair.


  • Assmus U, Hensen H, Hössel P, Lang G, Leidreiter H, Markowetz A, Martin V, Noecker B, Poppe E, Pfaffernoschke M, Schmidt-Lewerkühne H, Schulze-zur-Wiesche E, Schwan-Jonczyk A, Wood J, Wortmann FJ (2008). Determination of the Feel of Hair After Cosmetic Treatment – Sensory And Objective Methods. IFSCC Mag 11(2), 121-8.


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