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Sensory Assessment

A reliable aid in achieving optimal formulations

Sensory assessments normally are used wherever there are no physically measurable effects or these need to be supplemented. Especially in the development of new products sensory tests are a reliable aid in achieving optimal formulations.

A sensory assessment is an expert rating obtained on the basis of specific criteria with defined parameters. In the field of cosmetics organoleptic studies are usually of a visual (e.g. assessment of the depth of wrinkles), haptic (feeling, touching of parameters like consistency, spreadability, oiliness, stickiness, smoothness, foaming properties, etc.) or olfactory (assessment of body odour) nature.

Sensory assessments are performed under defined conditions (climate-controlled, lighting, amount applied, type and method of application, daylight lamps, normal light box, etc.). In a paired comparison a practice-oriented relative assessment of product properties can be achieved. For visual assessment, skin parameters like wrinkles, pores, skin texture and homogeneity of skin colour can be used or, especially in the area of decorative cosmetics (e.g. mascara, make-up, and lipstick), the results of application can be evaluated.

The objectives of organoleptic studies range from characterisation of a formulation to claim support, product improvement and even to consumer acceptance tests. More detailed information on olfactory testing can be found under the menu item olfactoric studies.

Analysis of the generated data includes, besides descriptive data analysis, statistical analysis as well as diagrams of the results (expert reports).


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