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A simple concept, its scientific value is often questioned. But one thing is clear in the field of cosmetics: without good pictures documenting a good result is twice as hard. We have several professionally equipped photo laboratories where a wide variety of issues are investigated.

With its multiple lighting systems VISIA-CR enables excellent facial photography. Besides conventional photos, special UV-flashes for fluorescence images or different polarisations offer a wide range of optical proofs of efficacy.

If not only the face but also other test areas are to be studied, digital SLR photography (single-lens reflex photography) with the studio flash technology is the method of choice. High resolution photos document each study and offer the possibility of expanded image analysis. Database applications developed by our in-house biostatistics department can serve as the basis for a visual assessment (see also Sensory Assessment or Expert Rating) if, for example, baseline and final photos are to be compared in a double-blind study.

Digital epiluminescence microscopy using the FotoFinder Dermoscope makes it possible to record brilliant microscopic images of the skin, in 20 – 70 fold magnification. Test areas, such as the back of the hand or the scalp, are first recorded in an overview image. Then the dermatoscopic images, for example, of age spots or re-growing hair are linked to this overview to provide a basis for meaningful before/after photos.


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