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Remission Spectroscopy


Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (RS) is a method that makes it possible to study a wide range of skin changes in vivo at selected wavelengths after the application of cosmetic products. From the UV to the visible and even the near infrared range, detection of light remitted from the skin allows quantification of changes in the skin. Whether in penetration studies (product absorbance observation) or changes in skin color, in curative studies, in erythemal or tanning reactions, Remission Spectroscopy provides a non-invasive method that offers optical access to the skin.

In the Skincare department a measuring device for extremely variable Remission Spectroscopy has been set up that extends in particular the UV and visible detection range by the NIR range. Once again a new practice-oriented method was created that in Orlando in 2004 even received the “Applied Research Award“ presented by the IFSCC.


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