After more than 5 years of research by the Institutes Dr. Schrader: HDRS (Hybrid Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy) – a new in-vivo method for sun protection testing finally on the threshold of ISO introduction

The new HDRS technique represents for the first time an in-vivo approach to sunscreen testing that works without generating an erythema. Reflectance measurements on the skin in combination with in-vitro transmission measurements offer the possibility of a direct measurement of SPF, UVA-PF or critical wavelength. Based on a comprehensive set of individual data, the new reflection technique moves to the next level – the ISO method. ISO 23698, which is currently undergoing international validation, is based on HDRS technology. There are no ethical concerns about the new process, which involves SPF and/or UVA testing. Accordingly, the Institutes Dr. Schrader expect the first real change in the field of in-vivo sun protection factor determination – through the new HDRS method.