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FOITS - a Classic Device in Modern Efficacy Testing

Fast Optical In vivo Topometry of Human Skin

FOITS is the abbreviation for Fast Optical in vivo Topometry of Human Skin and stands for a non-contact method of three-dimensional wrinkle analysis.

Initial studies on the topic of non-contact surface analysis of the skin were begun in 1995. After a successful validation phase, the new FOITS technique could be presented in 1997 at the Conference of the International Society for Skin Imaging in Vienna. The first publication followed at the beginning of 1998. Numerous technological advancements such as improved camera resolution, use of blue LED illumination systems or laser-aided and computer-optimized overlay procedures have made it possible in past years to achieve an efficient and easy to operate system. However, because scientific interest in the mechanisms of wrinkle evaluation has always been extremely high, technological advancements led to an instrument on a high scientific level – always in the context of cosmetic practice. Since its beginnings in 1995, Fast Optical in vivo Topometry of Human Skin (FOITS) has established itself globally and today over 40 systems are in use.

In those almost 25 years of use, new parameters for efficacy evaluation could be introduced thanks to the detailed surface analysis of the FOITS method.  For example, the FDD parameter (Frequency Distribution of Depth) allows a depth-related efficacy analysis based on a statistical method. The Area-Analysis possible with the FOITS technique where different areas and depths of wrinkles are considered in the wrinkle analysis is another example of how new findings on the history of wrinkle formation as well as a detailed product-related efficacy analysis can be obtained. Newer studies with our joint venture partner institute in Beijing have revealed interesting differences in the topometry of Asian and Caucasian skin. Thus FOITS in a very short time has already become a classic in modern efficacy testing that finds worldwide use and has provided the basis for much information on wrinkle reduction but also its validation by independent organizations.

And the future is already being evaluated at Institutes Dr. Schrader. FOITS-2 has advanced the FOITS technology to a “2-Shot-One-Face-Technique” (2-SOFT) of all important test areas. Test areas such as the whole face, which are recorded in a single stereo photo, allow a parallel differentiated analysis of different wrinkle regions and are available for routine use.