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Sensorische Bewertung, wie z.B. das Beurteilen der Faltentiefe

Sensory Assessment

Sensory Assessment – Sensory assessments normally are used wherever there are no physically measurable effects or these need to be supplemented. Especially in the development of new products sensory tests are …

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Kosmetische Akzeptanz unter normalen Gebrauchsbedingungen

Cosmetic Acceptance

In-use studies accompanied by biophysical measurements – Assessment of cosmetic acceptance under normal conditions of use is one of the most important testing methods besides biophysical…

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Beurteilungen der Prüfungen durch beispielsweise Dermatologen

Expert Rating

Supplementing the tests with expert statements – Evaluation of the skin, severity of wrinkles, or of skin color by experts such as dermatologists, ophthalmologists or specially trained technical personnel is a common procedure in …

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Cleansing Effect

Determination of the Cleansing Effect – With the aid of a skin washing machine the cleansing effect of skin and hair cleansers can be studied and compared in vivo under practical relevant but standardized…

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Antioxidant Efficacy

Proof of Antioxidant Efficacy / ICL-S – Found scientific methods – Modern cosmetics with efficacy claims like “Anti-Ageing” or “Oxidative Protection” are among others complex mixtures of UV filters and …

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Remission Spectroscopy (RS / NIR-RS) Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (RS) is a method that makes it possible to study a wide range of skin changes in vivo at selected wavelengths after the application of cosmetic products…

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Konstitution der Haut – objektiv erfasst Corneometer, Tewameter, Cutometer, Sebumeter Feuchtigkeit der Haut

The Skin’s Condition

The Skin’s Condition – objectively detected Corneometer, Tewameter, Cutometer, Sebumeter Skin Hydration – Corneometer Measurements Sufficient moisture is the basic prerequisite for a well cared …

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Gesichts-Falten-Analyse in High Definition von FOITS HD


Facial-Wrinkle-Analysis in high definition by FOITSHD From simple Line Parameters (Rz, Ra) via Frequency Distribution of Depth (FDD) to Volume Analysis Various parameters like Rz or Rmax are used in order to describe…

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FOITS-Methodik - Der Anti-Falten-Wirkung auf der Spur


FOITS-Technology – Tracking the Anti-Wrinkle Efficacy Hardly any other in vivo skin physiological proof of efficacy has made its way so quickly into routine testing as the FOITS technology. The complex biological …

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Sun Protection

Perfect Conditions and In-House Quality Control for Reliable Protection of Consumers | Standard Tests | Determination of Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

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