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Safety assessment / safety report

Safe products for a safe use

The cosmetic product safety assessment is becoming more and more important, also the legal safety regulations are changed continuously. According to the EU Cosmetic Regulation, the responsible manufacturer or importer has to ascertain before bringing the products onto the market that they are not harmful to health. For that reason a safety assessor is needed, who personally is responsible for certifying that the cosmetic product is safe for the intended and reasonable, foreseeable use. This regulation serves as an important instrument for preventive protection of the consumer’s health. With the amendment of the EU Cosmetic Regulation (EC Regulation 1223/2009) of November 30th, 2009 is the safety rating to an even higher priority.

The Institutes Dr. Schrader offer the preparation of safety assessments to the current legal regulations. Benefit from our 40 years of experience and our activities in the areas of research, development, testing and analysis.

For many years we create safety assessments for all major cosmetics: from shampoo to foot cream.

Our safety assessor is a graduate chemist with many years of experience in the field of cosmetics. He has passed a certified course by the IKW and the DGK completely and successfully. The following content was part of the extensive additional training:

  • Exposure to cosmetic products / percutaneous penetration
  • Topical safety, immunology and sensitization
  • Metabolism, kinetics and structure-effect relationships
  • Carcinogenesis and mutagenesis
  • General and systemic toxicology including risk assessment
  • Reproduction toxicology
  • Microbiological safety of cosmetic products

In order to create a safety assessment, we need numerous documents. Should not all toxicological data be available, the documents can be completed by database searches of us.

In case of product series with similar formulae, also economically priced package solutions can be offered. A preliminary check of the formulae must take place in each individual case.

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