Social Responsibility

Social action and the promotion of voluntary social work

Institutes Dr. Schrader are convinced that business activities have to comply with the sustainable interests of the society. Social responsibility and the promotion of voluntary social work belong today to the very foundations of the society which we aim to support with our sponsorship activities. In the following you will find a few selected examples of projects that we sponsor, which reflect also our commitment to the region and town of Holzminden:

Future Day (Girls’ and Boys’ Day)

Boys and girls should become acquainted with gender atypical professions on the Future Day. Professions can be explored, which were not previously contemplated.
The Institutes Dr. Schrader participate for many years at the Lower Saxony Future Day and offer every year pupils the opportunity to use that day for their professional orientation and to let them look “outside the box”.
So the potentials and strengths of young people can be promoted for the future career choice.

German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe e.V.)

For four decades, the German Cancer Aid is committed to the needs of people with cancer. The aim of the nonprofit organization is to fight the disease in all its forms. The German Cancer Aid finances its activities exclusively from voluntary donations of the population. It receives no public funding. Under the motto “donations instead of gifts” a fundraiser event was carried out at a family anniversary celebration of the spouses Schrader in favor of the German Cancer Aid.

SV 06 Holzminden sports club

Founded in 1913, this association has become a firmly-established institution in Holzminden that can look back on 100 years of history. Special recognition has been gained through its youth work and international youth exchange programme. Sport brings together people of the most varied backgrounds and nationalities. Our support is believed to make a contribution to this valuable work.

Benefit day for PRO soziale Alles unter einem Dach gem. e.V. in co-operation with Aktion Mensch

The aim of this day of action is to draw attention to the situation of people with disabilities in Germany and to campaign for a society in which all people can participate equally. The day of action takes place on a national scale. The event is assigned to get through to all people – whether with or without disabilities – with the aim of promoting togetherness and social inclusion.

17th  Lower Saxony School Pupils’ Theatre Conventions (Niedersächsisches Schülertheatertreffen -NSTT) in Holzminden in 2012

The Lower Saxony School Pupils’ Theatre Conventions (Niedersächsisches Schülertheatertreffen) have been taking place in various locations in Lower Saxony since 2008. This offers an opportunity to pupils of all age groups and from all types of schools, from kindergarten to primary and grammar school. In 2012 the schools hosting this event were Georg-von-Langen-School (BBS Holzminden), the Campe Grammar School (Campe Gymnasium) and the Public School Internat Solling Holzminden.

Holzminden ice rink

For many years the town marketing organisation (Stadtmarketing Holzminden) has been successfully organising a Christmas market with ice rink in the heart of Holzminden. Many of the residents of Holzminden and the surrounding region visit this market, which wouldn’t be possible without the personal commitment of Stadtmarketing Holzminden and the event’s annual sponsors.

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