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Institute Dr. Schrader

More than 45 Years‘ Experience –
Always with an Eye to the Future

Five Times the Expertise Under One Roof

For more than four decades Institutes Dr. Schrader have been firmly established in the cosmetics sector. They are known worldwide for quality, know-how and expertise in research, development, testing and analysis of cosmetic raw materials and finished products. The company founder Dr. Karlheinz Schrader laid the foundation for the success of the company in 1973 when he set up an independent consulting laboratory for development of cosmetic products. Just a short time later the Research Institute Creachem GmbH was founded before an independent institute for skin physiology testing followed at the beginning of the ‘80s. Finally, in the ‘90s, Institute Ancopharm for product analysis completed the service portfolio.

In 2001, Dr. Andreas Schrader, the founder’s son, took over the company. Today, with the International GmbH founded in 2004, Institutes Dr. Schrader is a global player. As one of the first German institutes, the Holzminden experts were collaborating with our Chinese partner CAIQ (Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine) on laboratories for testing and analysis of cosmetics in the People’s Republic of China in Beijing.

The area of the company in Holzminden with its state-of-the-art laboratories and test rooms totals about 5000 square meters.

The five separate institutes are the mainstays of the company and guarantee the expertise and success of the Holzminden family enterprise. Now in the second generation, it offers comprehensive services for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, trade and the relevant independent consumer organizations:


Bundling of the expertise of these separate areas within one company offers important advantages and synergy effects that benefit customers of Institutes Dr. Schrader at all levels.

Institutes Dr. Schrader are involved in the establishment of global standards, and numerous technological developments from the company have been used worldwide for decades. Cross-border research projects and international collaborations with universities provide a fruitful basis for the work of the research department of Institutes Dr. Schrader. Over the past decades numerous scientific contributions to books, talks and papers have been published to demonstrate the Institutes’ capabilities in relevant professional circles.

Customers value the interdisciplinary array of over 50 employees. Institutes Dr. Schrader employ a highly qualified staff drawn from such fields as chemistry, biochemistry, physics, biology, food chemistry, dermatology, medical technology and statistics in order to be able to meet very different customer requirements. The pool of several thousand selected test persons that Institutes Dr. Schrader has available at all times also contributes to this.

In the future, Institutes Dr. Schrader will continue to do everything to make the world’s latest technological findings in the field of research, development, testing and analysis available to their customers and in doing so make an important contribution to the well-being of consumers. The independence of the institutes will nevertheless remain with a clear-cut organizational structure the top priority of our company philosophy.