Institut Dr. Schrader Hautphysiologie

All types of application studies

Controlled application and home-in-use studies of all kinds are carried out in our institute for skin physiology. Non-invasive measurements and experts confirm your product claims for various skin parameters from tolerability and effectiveness to cosmetic acceptance.

Non-invasive measurement of many different skin parameters for documentation of efficacy and compatibility provides:

Instrumental mesurement

Evaluation by professional experts

  • Studies under specialist supervision (dermatological, opthalmological, dental, gyneocological)
  • Sensory Assessments (visual, olfactory, haptic, evaluation)
  • Perspiration odor, moith odor, evenness of the skin, blemishes
  • cosmetik acceptance, etc.

Self-assessment by subjects

  • Application studies with users/consumers
  • Cosmetic acceptance and effectiveness, sensory discomfort (stinging test)

Digital Photo Documentation  / VISIA-CR

Statistical processing of all study data / Bio-Statistics

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