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As Individual As You Are – Our Product Development

For 50 years independent product development for the global cosmetic industry has been the job of Institut Dr. Schrader Beratungslabor. In the formulation department we develop new, tailor-made formulations for all types of cosmetics. This applies particularly to product development for skin care and hair care – for sun protection products as well as natural cosmetics.

Our services include consultation for ingredients and formulations, scale-up of formulations in pilot plants and even safety assessments. Additionally, research projects are carried out in Institut Dr. Schrader Beratungslabor on problems that go beyond day-to-day development work.

The findings, often gained working with partners in the industry and universities, are then used to implement innovative product concepts or for product optimization.

A further area of work of the Institut Dr. Schrader Beratungslabor comprises the in-house preparation of standardized test references for efficacy and compatibility testing for hair and skin care. These references can also be adapted to meet the specific requirements of customers with respect to product form and intended product claims.

Institutes Dr. Schrader also offer as another service packaging (including blinding and labelling) of cosmetic test samples for consumer tests.

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