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Gravimetric Proof of an
Antiperspirant Effect (Sweat Test)

Sweat tests

Antiperspirants are cosmetic products that reduce perspiration by influencing the activity of the eccrine sweat glands. This product group is used primarily on parts of the body that have a particularly large number of sweat glands and are subject to excessive heat build-up like the armpits and feet.

There are different approaches and methods for the proof of efficacy or claim support for an antiperspirant effect. In most cases the products to be tested are applied to the armpits of suitable volunteers for several days. Then the subjects are made to sweat under defined conditions in our Hot-Room. The amount of sweat in the test area (treated and control armpit) is taken up by absorbent pads and analyzed gravimetrically immediately after the sweating phase.

Whether according to the FDA Guidelines (Guidelines for Effectiveness Testing of OTC Antiperspirant Drug Products) or according to specifically adapted protocols – for proof of efficacy of antiperspirant products a product must achieve a significant sweat reduction. Statistical analysis of the data is combined with descriptive statistics in order to provide appropriate documentation (expert report).

Depending on customer requirements, the test panel can be customized and the duration of testing adapted to the respective test product.

There are several hot rooms available for different kinds of sweat tests. Furthermore a sauna for studies under intensive conditions is ready for use.