Institute Dr. Schrader

A Reliable Partner in Physiological
Testing of Skin and Hair

New practice-oriented methods and devices for skin and hair physiological testing

Today Corneometer, FOITS technology, Cutometer and NIR-RS have matured into global standard methods and instruments, and skin physiological efficacy testing is impossible to imagine without them. From Sebumeter to Chemiluminescence (ICL-S/-H), for more than 45 years ideas and concepts for new skin and hair physiological measuring principles have found their way into routine testing at Institutes Dr. Schrader. Not only do Institutes Dr. Schrader use state-of-the-art technologies, they are in fact a constant source of new practice-oriented methods and devices for skin and hair physiological testing on volunteers and in the laboratory.

Our services in the Skin Area and Hair range from standard test designs to an individually customized study design for a combination study, from small screening studies in the initial efficacy analysis to large studies with the corresponding statistical monitoring of data analysis in the Bio-Statistics department. In our climate-controlled laboratories we generate data that stand up in any court of law and leave no room to doubt the independent expert report based on them.

But test results are just one factor when the aim is to develop a top-quality product. Results also need to be discussed in the context of raw material selection for cosmetic formulation – and this is where the advantages of having four institutes in Institutes Dr. Schrader come into play. Whether it is analysis, product development or research, all areas are tightly and interdisciplinary interwoven to create synergies that are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

It’s not so important that you do what you can but that you can what you do!