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Unser Angebot im Hautbereich und im Haarbereich erstreckt sich vom Standard-Prüfdesign bis hin zum individuell angepassten Studien-Design einer Kombinationsstudie, von kleinen Screening-Untersuchungen...

What we test

Institute Dr. Schrader –A Reliable Partner in Physiological Testing of Skin and Hair. Our services in the Skin Area and Hair range from standard test

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Central Data Processing for Substantiated Results – Whether study planning, data management or analysis, no study can do without the required statistics in order to confirm a corresponding skin or hair physiological proof of efficacy …

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Ein einfacher Begriff, dessen wissenschaftlicher Anspruch oftmals in Frage gestellt wird. Doch eins ist in der Kosmetik ganz klar: ohne gute Bilder ist es doppelt schwer ein gutes Ergebnis zu dokumentieren.

Photo Documentation

Professionally equipped photo laboratories – A simple concept, its scientific value is often questioned. But one thing is clear in the field of cosmetics: without good pictures documenting a good result is twice as…

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Sensorische Bewertung, wie z.B. das Beurteilen der Faltentiefe

Sensory Assessment

Sensory Assessment – Sensory assessments normally are used wherever there are no physically measurable effects or these need to be supplemented. Especially in the development of new products sensory tests are …

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Kosmetische Akzeptanz unter normalen Gebrauchsbedingungen

Cosmetic Acceptance

In-use studies accompanied by biophysical measurements – Assessment of cosmetic acceptance under normal conditions of use is one of the most important testing methods besides biophysical…

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Beurteilungen der Prüfungen durch beispielsweise Dermatologen

Expert Rating

Supplementing the tests with expert statements – Evaluation of the skin, severity of wrinkles, or of skin color by experts such as dermatologists, ophthalmologists or specially trained technical personnel is a common procedure in …

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Sniffing Test - olfaktorische Studien

Olfactoric Studies

Olfactory assessment of body odour by trained evaluators | Sniffing-Test – Olfactory assessment of body odour by trained evaluators (sniffers) is the most realistic method to test the efficacy of deodorantsagainst …

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Cleansing Effect

Determination of the Cleansing Effect – With the aid of a skin washing machine the cleansing effect of skin and hair cleansers can be studied and compared in vivo under practical relevant but standardized…

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Kosmetika werden in der Regel täglich und über lange Zeiträume angewendet. Daher ist eine gute Hautverträglichkeit besonders wichtig


Epicutaneous Test, Photopatch Test / Flex Wash Test – Cosmetics are normally used daily and over long periods. That is why good skin compatibility is particularly important – especially if they are used…

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Anwendung von Deo bei einer Probandin


Gravimetric Proof of an Antiperspirant Effect (Sweat Test) – Antiperspirants are cosmetic products that reduce perspiration by influencing the activity of the eccrine sweat glands. This product group is used primarily …

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