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New certified raw materials for your innovative products – also for the high demands of natural cosmetics.

Kosmetische Mittel sind Stoffe oder Gemische, die dazu bestimmt sind, äußerlich mit den verschiedenen Teilen des menschlichen Körpers (Haut, Behaarungssystem, Nägel, Lippen und intime Regionen) oder mit den Zähnen und den Schleimhäuten der Mundhöhle in Berührung zu kommen

Individually tailored formulations on a scientifically proven basis according to European and international guidelines.

Institute Dr. Schrader

From laboratory scale to the pilot plant of the technical centre to the first production approach for safe formulations.

Institute Dr. Schrader

An important instrument of preventive consumer health protection. Safe products for safe use.

Our development work

For 50 years independent product development for the global cosmetic industry has been the job of Institute Dr. Schrader Beratungslabor. In the formulation department we develop new, tailor-made formulations for all types of cosmetics. This applies particularly to product development for skin care and hair care – for sun protection products as well as natural cosmetics.

Our services include consultation for ingredients and formulations, scale-up of formulations in pilot plants and even safety assessments. Additionally, research projects are carried out in Institut Dr. Schrader Beratungslabor on problems that go beyond day-to-day development work.

For 50 years the independent Institut Dr. Schrader Beratungslabor has been developing new, individually tailored formulas for the global cosmetic industry based on scientifically validated work. Our customer base includes medium-sized companies and distributors as well as multi-national corporations.
In the formulation department we develop ready to market formulas for the entire range of cosmetic applications, in accordance with the national and international guidelines in their correctly valid version.

Our customers receive one-stop service: from the jointly developed product idea to planning the formulation (galenics), to carrying out efficacy and compatibility tests, consumer and stability tests and even to scale-up with the latest Becomix technology.

One task of the Beratungslabor is the continuous search for the new, efficient and well-tolerated raw materials. Institutes Dr. Schrader have more than 5,000 raw materials for development work at their disposal. We offer application-oriented testing and development of basic formulas for new raw materials.

In addition to the development of new cosmetics, the Institutes Dr. Schrader offer sound advice on existing products and series in order to be able to react up-to-date to changed legal requirements or changing consumer behaviour.

This enables us to make recommendations regarding the replacement of critical or no longer available ingredients.

If products do not show the expected results in compatibility or efficacy tests, the Dr. Schrader institutes can provide assistance in finding the cause and offer solutions for optimised product performance.

Furthermore, we support our customers in meeting legal requirements. We carry out the preparation of safety assessments and the testing of the marketability of cosmetic products.

The cosmetic product safety assessment is becoming more and more important, also the legal safety regulations are changed continuously. According to the EU Cosmetic Regulation, the responsible manufacturer or importer has to ascertain before bringing the products onto the market that they are not harmful to health. For that reason a safety assessor is needed, who personally is responsible for certifying that the cosmetic product is safe for the intended and reasonable, foreseeable use. This regulation serves as an important instrument for preventive protection of the consumer’s health. With the amendment of the EU Cosmetic Regulation (EC Regulation 1223/2009) of November 30th, 2009 is the safety rating to an even higher priority.

The Institutes Dr. Schrader offer the preparation of safety assessments to the current legal regulations. Benefit from our 40 years of experience and our activities in the areas of research, development, testing and analysis.

For many years we create safety assessments for all major cosmetics: from shampoo to foot cream.

Our safety assessor is a graduate chemist with many years of experience in the field of cosmetics. He has passed a certified course by the IKW and the DGK completely and successfully. The following content was part of the extensive additional training:

  • Exposure to cosmetic products / percutaneous penetration
  • Topical safety, immunology and sensitization
  • Metabolism, kinetics and structure-effect relationships
  • Carcinogenesis and mutagenesis
  • General and systemic toxicology including risk assessment
  • Reproduction toxicology
  • Microbiological safety of cosmetic products

In order to create a safety assessment, we need numerous documents. Should not all toxicological data be available, the documents can be completed by database searches of us.

In case of product series with similar formulae, also economically priced package solutions can be offered. A preliminary check of the formulae must take place in each individual case.

Use our knowhow. We advise you and find the best solution for you!

A further area of work of the Institute Dr. Schrader Beratungslabor comprises the in-house preparation of standardized test references for efficacy and compatibility testing for hair and skin care. These references can also be adapted to meet the specific requirements of customers with respect to product form and intended product claims.

Institutes Dr. Schrader also offer as another service packaging (including blinding and labelling) of cosmetic test samples for consumer tests.

Cosmetics for you

Another focus is the development of sunscreen formulations.

Natural cosmetic product lines are created according to the latest guidelines – also in conformance with natural cosmetic quality labels if so desired.

In addition to the development of new products, we also rework and up-date existing products and product lines so that they comply with changed legal requirements or modified customer behaviour.

We also offer preparations of for cosmetic products according to the current legal requirements.

By the way: The individually developed formula becomes the customer’s property – and each customer goes to market with a new and unique formula.

The way to your product

The way to your product

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Individuelle Produkte für individuelle Ansprüche

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We offer theoretical assessment of the legal marketing authorization (marketability) for your products on the market.Institutes Dr. Schrader will help you to select ingredients and update your formulas to the state-of-the art.

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Hair Care

In the area of hair care we develop all types of hair care products such as hair dyes (temporary to permanent), permanent waves preparations, styling products, tonics or shampoos.

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Die Entwicklung hochwirksamer, gut verträglicher und dabei kosmetisch ansprechender Sonnenschutzprodukte ist eine besonders anspruchsvolle Aufgabe.

Sun Protection Products

Since the first modern sunscreen “delial ointment” was introduced in 1933, this type of product has been continually advanced and adapted to consumer needs.

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