Sebumeter / Corneometer

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Sebumeter und Corneometer

Saying something about the Sebumeter or Corneometer is almost like carrying coals to Newcastle. You will hardly find a skin physiology testing laboratory anywhere in the world without these instruments, so especially in professional circles their function no longer needs to be explained. These instruments were developed in Holzminden by Institutes Dr. Schrader – a fact we are proud to mention here. Both devices stand out due to their simple and ingenious measuring principle based on grease spot photometry and measurement of dielectric constants, respectively, making it impossible to imagine cosmetic efficacy testing without them. Their suitability for routine use and importance for research make them accepted even today. In 1980, both instruments were placed in the hands of Schwarzhaupt and then later Courage & Khazaka in order to ensure continuous updating and optimization.