Institute Dr. Schrader


Objective Measurement of the Dandruff Status

An important goal of research at Institutes Dr. Schrader is to develop objective test methods that verify, for example, data obtained subjectively. The huge advantage of objective test methods over subjective data collection is of course an exact quantification of results.

As early as the 1980s, Institutes Dr. Schrader developed a method that allows image analysis and therefore quantitative visualization of the dandruff status of test subjects. With this method the dandruff on one half of the scalp is combed onto a prepared glass slide under standardized conditions. The dandruff is then measured by quantitative image analysis. Different image analysis algorithms are used to eliminate hair fibres and dust particles from the image and detect the dandruff by its greyscale value. This makes it possible to determine not only the amount of dandruff combed out but also its size. The measuring procedure has proved itself in practice over decades.

The results of objective methods show a very good correlation with those of subjective dandruff measurements by hair experts. Continuous improvement and optimization of image analysis assure we are always able to offer our customers a reliable method.



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