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Sun Protection Products

Sun Protection Products – Safe, Well-Tolerated and Individual Sun Care

Since the first modern sunscreen “delial ointment” was introduced in 1933, this type of product has been continually advanced and adapted to consumer needs. The demand for ever higher sun protection factors (SPFs) has grown continuously over the past decades with the awareness that sunlight, besides its many positive influences, also has harmful effects, especially on skin. At the end of the 1970s, SPF 20 was the maximum SPF achievable with available technologies, while today the maximum regulated by law in Europe is SPF 50. Besides providing UVB protection, according to an EU recommendation modern sun protection products have to protect against longer-wave UVA radiation as well.

Developing highly effective, well-tolerated sun protection products that are cosmetically pleasing is an especially demanding task. Institutes Dr. Schrader offers development of a wide range of formulations, whether classical emulsions (lotions, creams), sprayable emulsions or transparent sprays. Building on decades of know how, we use cutting edge developments from the fields of UV filters and additives, for instance, to improve water resistance.

Development work profits from the combined synergy of the Institutes group. This allows prompt testing of the safety and efficacy of new products. As a result, our customers profit from a short development time.