Institute Dr. Schrader


Independent and Scientifically Verified Development Work

Ready to Market Formulas According to Valid Guidelines

For 45 years the independent Institut Dr. Schrader Beratungslabor has been developing new, individually tailored formulas for the global cosmetic industry based on scientifically validated work. Our customer base includes medium-sized companies and distributors as well as multi-national corporations.
In the formulation department we develop ready to market formulas for the entire range of cosmetic applications, in accordance with the national and international guidelines in their correctly valid version.

Our customers receive one-stop service: from the jointly developed product idea to planning the formulation (galenics), to carrying out efficacy and compatibility tests, consumer and stability tests and even to scale-up with the latest Becomix technology.

One task of the Beratungslabor is the continuous search for the new, efficient and well-tolerated raw materials. Institutes Dr. Schrader already have more than 5,000 raw materials for development work at their disposal. We offer application-oriented testing and development of basic formulas for new raw materials.

Another focus is the development of sunscreen formulations.

Natural cosmetic product lines are created according to the latest guidelines – also in conformance with natural cosmetic quality labels if so desired.

In addition to the development of new products, we also rework and up-date existing products and product lines so that they comply with changed legal requirements or modified customer behaviour.

We also offer preparations of for cosmetic products according to the current legal requirements.

By the way: The individually developed formula becomes the customer’s property – and each customer goes to market with a new and unique formula.