Institute Dr. Schrader

Analytics of Cosmetics

Quality Control of Cosmetic Products

According to the European Cosmetic Regulation (EU 1223/2009) the ingredients in cosmetics must be listed on the packaging. In finished products, some of these raw materials are allowed only up to a certain amount.

Additionally, advertising statements, referring to cosmetic ingredients, should be checked not to mislead customers.


From this, three main reasons become obvious for analytical investigations of cosmetic products:

  • Accordance with the European Cosmetic Regulation in respect of the statutory thresholds and of the allowed substances in finished products.
  • Correctness of the advertising statements
  • Quantitative monitoring of quality determining constituents


A selection from our investigation methods demonstrates the ability of our laboratory:

  • Determination of UV-filters
  • Determination of preservatives
  • Determination of skin care substances
  • Determination of selected vitamins
  • Determination of physical and chemical parameters
  • and much more

The analytical procedures are accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025 (reg. no.: D-PL-20285-02-00).

In cooperation with an accredited microbiology laboratory, we furthermore offer:

  • Preservation challenge test
  • Total germ count


To perform these analytical tasks the following technics are available:

  • Karl Fischer Titration
  • UV-photometer
  • Enzyme-Test-Kits
  • Selective sample preparation
  • Stability test (temperature/time) / stress test


Of course, we also offer analyses beside routine examination parameters in cosmetic products, for which we would like to develop appropriate methods.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a way.