Stability Testing

Institute Dr. Schrader

Stability Testing

storage stability tests

Newly formulated or reformulated cosmetic final products have to fulfil certain stability criteria that are specified in the Cosmetics Directive.These stability parameters are measured by means of (long-term) stability tests.

These storage stability tests are performed in heating and cooling cabinets at different temperatures and for different storage times.

After predefined test times the relevant stability parameters are determined by means of physico-chemical and instrumental analytical tests.

If so desired, the suitability and compatibility of packaging materials can be tested.


Example for a storage stability test design:

Number of stored lots 3
Storage time: 6 months
Storage temperatures: 4°C, 20°C (25°C, room temperature), 40°C
Test periods: T0, T1, T3, T6
Test parameters:

  • Organoleptic parameters
  • Formulation parameters
  • Physico-chemical parameters
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Packaging material compatibility