Institute Dr. Schrader


Product Safety and Highest Quality Thanks to Modern Analytics

The Institute Dr. Schrader – Ancopharm stands for chemical investigation of cosmetics.

The main focus of the institute’s work lies on the quality control of cosmetic products. For this, a variety of physical and chemical analyses is used to quantitatively and qualitatively monitor relevant ingredients. Additionally long time stability tests are performed in order to verify the shelf live.

A further issue of our laboratory is developing and validating analytical methods needed to investigate new raw materials for the cosmetic industry.

The core competence of the Institute Dr. Schrader – Ancopharm presently comprises the following areas:

  • chemical and physical investigations of cosmetics
  • Stability testing of cosmetic finished products
  • In-Vitro-irritation testing

In order to enable a still higher security of our analytical quality control to our customers, the analytical laboratory was accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025 by the German accreditation organization (DAkkS) in 2016.

The accreditation refers only to the scope of accreditation listed in the certificate file, register number D-PL-20285-02-00.